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Stealing the DiamondDaffy's Studio AdventureFishing PandaDaffy Ducks Robin Hood ChallengeTom and Jerry IceballsFish RacingTom SnowboardingTom And Jerry SmashingTom and Jerry KillerTom and Jerry Painting
Barb Jump
82.55 rating
71.58 rating
Bug Time
30.79 rating
A.L.I.A.S. 2
23.10 rating
Stress Relie...
19.26 rating
4.09 rating
Demonic Guar...
3.85 rating
Driver's Ed
3.39 rating
1. slayer
200 games
2. victoria
116 games
3. 007AVenger
66 games
4. jobbsneil
65 games
5. frannyberry
60 games
6. IMpaCT
56 games
7. Undead
53 games
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Jerrys Diner
Play as Jerry and manage your own diner! Sit customers, take their orders and bring them their food, don't take too long or they'll get impatient. Pur..
Learn To Fly
Help the penguin learn how to fly.
Leaving Your Ro..
Try to escape the room.
Leon and the Ma..
Elyon suddenly fell ill. Help Leon on a quest to find the magical sturgeon so he can use it's magical powers to cure Elyon, his sister.
Lord of the Rin..
Battle with characters from the film.
Minnie's Dinner..
There`s a party at Minnie Mouse`s house! Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto are all coming! Successfully complete the mini-games to make a delicio..
Mob Payback
It's time to get out,it's payback time...
Munch N Movies
Munch n Movies is another new serving type of game created by In this game kids are watching movie in a theater .They need some snacks ..
My Money Valent..
Management: As the owner of a gift shop, it is your mission to capitalize on the holidays! Make as much money as you can off Valentine’s items.
Mystic Cards
Mystic Cards is a game of card collection and strategy, your goal is to collect cards to destroy your enemies. Select one side (Human or Demon) and fi..
Obama Resident ..
The evil Dr. Albert Wesker has kidnapped Obama's family and is holding them captive in Racoon City, where zombies and dangerous mutant creatures inhab..
Paper Train
Prevent collisions as you manage your trains by controlling their direction and if they stop or go.
Pastry Shop
You are a brand-new employee at the bakery. You have been employed to take orders and serve the customers. Your role is really important, you are on ..
Live a day in the life of Ray.
You are Ray.Make the right decisions and you will stay alive.
Santa Rockstar
Prove your guitar skills in this awesome guitar battle against the Grinch. Press 1-5 to pick the strings, hit ENTER to strum the guitar and press SPAC..
Your are the son of a great warrior looking for revenge.
Smurf Dinner
Help the Smurf waiter to serve all customers in a short time and collect more money to go to the next level.
Snake Defense
An innovative blend of snake and reverse tower defense! With 7 special moves, 20+ towers, 20+ achievements, RPG-type leveling up, 2 secret rooms, a ..
Help Spindle on his way through Cobalt City.
Sponge Bob Squa..
Run over the food pieces so they drop and make hamburgers. Watch out for baddies.
Squadz Skirmish
Control your squad of troops and destroy enemy squads in tactical combat.
Try to find four tiles of the puzzle to get out.
Tessa's Christm..
Now that Christmas time's near why not jump into your virtual kitchen and prepare some tasty cookies. And why not try out the recipe in your real kitc..
The Classroom S..
Try to get away with all your little shenanigans without the teacher spotting you. Each shenanigan you get away with will earn you a different score. ..
The Legend of Z..
Explore the town of "Hyscule" and get the mystical lamp to the north temple.
The Waitress
You are a waitress and your job is to serve clients.
Trick or Treat ..
Don't tazer the neighborhood kids on Halloween!