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Stealing the DiamondDaffy's Studio AdventureFishing PandaDaffy Ducks Robin Hood ChallengeTom and Jerry IceballsFish RacingTom SnowboardingTom And Jerry SmashingTom and Jerry KillerTom and Jerry Painting
Barb Jump
82.55 rating
71.58 rating
Bug Time
30.79 rating
A.L.I.A.S. 2
23.10 rating
Stress Relie...
19.26 rating
4.09 rating
Demonic Guar...
3.85 rating
Driver's Ed
3.39 rating
1. slayer
200 games
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2 in 1 Weme ad..
2 games on 1 screen. Defend yourself on one screen and collect gems on second.
3D Frogger
Get the frog into the caves in this 3D version of the classic Frogger game.
A Box Adventure
Little Box's Father is taken from him. Help the box in his adventure to rescue his father.
Adventures Of A..
Shoot the aliens to escape this unknown planet and escape out.
Alex In Danger
Help Alex through levels. Avoid dangerous creatures and collect the gems.
Collect as many blood orchid flowers as you can before time runs out.
Arabian Knight
You are on a mission to defeat the evil Sultan, so a better government can be set in place.
Armadillo Knigh..
As Armadillo Knight,you have to protect the people of the village from the evil dragon and his army.
Avatar - Trials..
Toph and her friends need to reach Ba Sing Se on the other side of the dreaded Serpent's Pass. Use Toph's earthbending skills to repair the rocks so a..
Batman The Scar..
Help Batman to explore underground caves beneath Wayne Manor, where Scarecrow is hiding and get him once and for all. You have to collect light sticks..
Battle Mage
Fight through levels using your sword and defeat the baddies.
Bazooka Boys
Bazooka boys were minding their own business when trouble struck them. You must help the bazooka boys to get out of trouble and get back home safely. ..
Beach Bobbing B..
Help Bob get all the coconuts across the river! Watch out for those bobbing barrells.
BearBoy And The..
Use your cursor to help your game character reach unreachable areas otherwise. Grab all the coins.
Beaver Brothers
Climb up onto the platforms and collect the bricks for the level.
Beaver Dive
Get the pearls that will appear at the bottom of the sea.
Beer Monster
Collect all the beers and head for the exit.
Black Knight
Collect gold pieces for the king.
Play Blacklight game and help the little black guy on his journey. Watch him grow in each level in this point and click adventure game.
Boiler Breakdow..
Fix the boiler! Collect all parts and carry them into position.
Brain Eaters Fr..
Help Gary, the rabbit through Happy World theme park and defeat all the brain eating aliens from Mars!
Bump Copter2
Fly the helicopter across the screen.Avoid rocks and bombs.
Cable Capers2
Guide the hero Arnold.Avoid all enemies at all costs.
Cave Jhones
Cave Jhones is a pixel retro style adventure game. Help Cave Jhones to explore caves, using your whip to pass obstacles and kill enemies. Swim, crouc..
Cheese Hunt
The object of the game is to find and eat all the cheese.
Clubby The Seal
Hunt the hunters.Help Clubby the seal escape the evil clubbers.
Crimson Warefar..
Send your troops to attack the enemy.
Daffy's Studio ..
Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. The ACME prop machine has gone haywaire, so watch out and don't stay still for too long or t..
Desert Battle
Helicopter shooting game.
Dizzy Paul
Help Poul collect the peace and love pills.